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Who are we?


As one of Bournemouth's leaders in cutting edge cloud based technologies, we provide Managed IT Services, Consultancy, Infrastructure and Security Solutions to hundreds of organisations in the local area. We are regarded as one of the most efficient Managed Service Providers and we pride ourselves in delivering outstanding levels of service by ensuring fast and consistent response times with an excellent rate of problem resolution thanks to our highly skilled Support Service Desk.


Managed IT

Our managed platform delivers and supports desktop applications from the cloud to all client offices worldwide. PC operating systems and applications can be mass deployed and virtualised for remote access.

Managed Security

Protecting your business from malicious cyber threats and data disasters should be a top priority, but that doesn’t mean you have to go at it alone.

Private Cloud

Our private cloud solutions provide a dedicated, physically isolated and secure platform for your infrastructure.

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What can we offer?

Cloud Apps

Our Cloud Apps allow you to create and showcase your custom windows desktop applications to be able to access them from anywhere around the world. There is no need to re-design your application to migrate with our system as we have a fairly easy and simple setup process. At Xentex, we will host and maintain your designed Windows applications for you, hassle free, for you to view and use them on any device, all with our competitive per-user, per-monthly plans.

Cloud Desktop

Xentex Cloud Desktop offers a fast and flexible way for switching over your servers and desktops to the cloud which can be accessed from anywhere around the world. We have all different monthly plans on offer at competitive prices, these are from Single Virtual servers all the way up to us hosting your Emails, all of your day-to-day Business applications, and even your VOIP/IP Telephony, all at a competitive price.

24x7 Monitoring

Our 24x7 proactive network and server monitoring service is essential to ensure the uptime of your critical systems, alerting us to performance issues and helping manage faults in your physical, virtual, hybrid and cloud infrastructure environments.

xDrive Storage

xDrive at Xentex supplies you with a secure and reliable file storage expansion within the cloud. This allows you to have all your must needed files and folders at your fingertips. All your files are protected behind our very secure firewalls, and encrypted for your protection with no data loss issues.

Cloud Recovery

At Xentex, we aim to lengthen your businesses consistency far beyond normal, standard, cloud backups with our Cloud Recovery. We include all your day-to-day business critical applications up to the cloud, so if any failures were to happen, we can get your business back to a working state within a few clicks or a very quick phone call to us.

24/7 Online Support

Our support at Xentex provides a 100% customer satisfaction response. Our highly trained, talented and experienced technicians will get you back up and running as quick as possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with no down times. We aim to get your problem fixed whilst you’re on our chat system or on a call to us, meaning no long waits for your business to get back in working order waiting for tickets to be completed.

Technology partners

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Xentex wireless data delivery

Operate from a Remote office? Unable to install a dedicated line? Get in touch today to discuss our wireless data delivery solutions. High speed, reliable and affordable wireless internet services and secure site to site connections.